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The canvas of our human journey is depicted with rituals, rites of passage and celebrations, all of which are important parts of our life experience.

We share many such occasions with those dearest to us by having them participate, bare witness and share in the joy.

Each step we take on our life journey has meaning and purpose. Together we create a powerful and lasting memory that we cherish throughout all our lives.

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Wedding Celebrants in Canberra - Quo Vadis - Renewal Of Vows - Marriage Celebrant - Funeral - Naming Ceremony - Commitment Ceremony.

• Celebrant Service Agreement - Fees

To maintain a high standard of service in celebrant’s professional conduct and practice (Code of Practice – regulation 37L, Schedule 1A of the Marriage Regulations 1963) I encourage marring couples to signed a written agreement between them and the Celebrant to clarify their respective roles and responsibilities. This will reduce risk and misunderstanding.

Written contracts under common law sets out terms and conditions and are binding once all parties have signed and the agreement is dated. There will be two original copies singed by the Celebrant and both Parties. Celebrant are required to disclose to the marrying couple a full statement of fees and charges. Invoicing requirements will be issued and presented to the marrying couple.

・What our Clients are saying…

Marriage Celebrants in Canberra by
Thank you Paul for your kindness and help during our meetings before our wedding.

You help us to create the day that we wanted.

You had excellent ideas, which made our celebration a PERFECT ONE.

We thoroughly enjoyed our ceremony and had so many comments on how well you conducted the beautiful service.

David and Kerri Ann

• Wedding

Wedding Celebrants in Canberra by
Paul is a Canberra based Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant that specializes in beautiful, meaningful and personalised ceremonies.

Paul Kowalik Here to Help…

• Price List

• Marriage Ceremony - $550
(with discount/refund of $50.00 if you refer my services to another couple)
• Marriage Ceremony (Simple legal, witnesses only) $400
(with discount/refund of $50.00 if you refer my services to another couple)

• Funerals - $400
(10% discount for Senior Card’s holder)
• Naming Ceremony - $350
• Renewal of Vows - $350
• Anniversaries Ceremonies - $200

Discount of 10% t for Senior Card’s holder

Travel cost for ceremonies conducted outside Canberra is calculated at 76c per kilometre for all distances outside a 60km round trip range.

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